English love Shayari, here all lovers heart is brokens to

When you didn’t exist English love Shayari

🌷🌷English love Shayari 🌷🌷 The blue sky.
While closing the eyes.
I went into the fog of imagination.
And after seeing you I fell in love with you.
I used to think of you every day.
Just dream of you
You used to meet in a dream.
Take a closer look.
Standing away and talking.

When you meet in a dream
Feeling pretty
Come close once.
Love should be beneficial.
By embracing mild emotions.
It should be kept in the heart.
When exchanging pleasantries.
May my grandson be tight.
But you don’t want to come near.
I don’t like to stand by you like that.

In a dream, you have such a distance to speak to me.
Lots of days gone by.
Reached the conscience.
Looking at each other.
You did not want this dilemma in me.
Wounds to black.

When you go through a dream
Then look back.
The smile on your cheek.
It pierced my eyes.
You look like a smile.
You will be mine forever.
But that was not possible.
Because you didn’t exist.
You had an idea
Was a figure drawn from thought.
I just closed my eyes.
The idea was to merge into the crowd.
And dream of you
When you didn’t exist

Something in mind

To a person with serious thoughts, God asks what has lost your focus today.
The person said, “What kind of owner is this?
Seeing for the first time the cry of death.
How many are dying, how many are running away,
As if to die,
The carcasses are grinding.
No idea what this is

I didn’t have the numbers to match them,
Vidhata smiled and said that Chitragupta is a human game,
There is only a mixture of nature in it.
Hate jealousy is the workout for moving forward.
All this miracle science improved.

But it was a waste of time, why was this low back made.
The country is burning all over the country, all this is destined for development.
His laughter continues at the moment that he is not improving.
His pride in his heart is eroding everything.

He is burning alone without going over his shoulder.
Now he must know the cost of living,
And get a big Sikh out of it.
Otherwise, there will be something to do with death.
That burial will be a question for human beings.
The person became silent and quiet.

I count the stars English love Shayari

Awareness of the eyes,
I gave her my smile.
My black cock
Only plays for her.
Hugged her neck,
Hit me every day,
Which she left Latur,
Rose is ashamed there every day.

Forget your memories of me,
Every day I write songs,
Where the dreamed dream cried,
There you adorn your everyday makeup….
Leave your anger now,
A lot of your distant things,
Wherever you look,
I call in your city daily.

I missed the bus English love Shayari

The dream I saw with you is broken
The bus coming to your town is missing.
Ok you are good i bad
Nowadays I live tight,
Oh, you’ve reached the limit of madness.
With broken rugs in hand,
Why my happiness leads to pain,
My thirst for love faded.

I cherish your name daily,
Why did you cut off by talking sweet,
Oh no lie you are not ashamed.
In love, you should think carefully,
Dare you not meet me like I am,
You followed me.

In my poem you English love Shayari 🌺

How many mistakes I have forgiven you?
Lying light is a lie.
You cheater in every word of me, you,
I hate you in my poetry.
Where have you raised me today,
I was how did you know your love was not yours,
Seven grandchildren were connected by love’s grandson.

You’re coming to me in a year,
What would you think a thief who took you,
He knows if your love thing.
You have a dream of losing a queen,
I dreamed of living with you,
Silent bus is silent.

You are in my poem English love Shayari

Is around your tongue,
In my breath, you
In summer, the breeze blows in the cold,
You come
In the morning the rays,
Get down you
My mind is in the temple.
In the dew point on the trunk,
You look like pearls,
Become a prince my temple of heart,
You are the ruler.lose me and you in me,
You, who preserve my existence,
Make the lettering of the letter in my poetic word,
You are in my poem on the lips.
My stubbornness, my hope,
You are my strength to live,
My dream is you, my reality is you,
You are my way of life.

My world is inhabited English love Shayari

Remember the fun of your eyes,
You are far away, but my world is inhabited.
Your thoughts often come in loneliness.
Every song of mine asks you questions.
The cry of my eyes is after you.
People say that I am crazy.
May your eyes be beside me
Why is the caravan of your memories ruined now?

I write my pain on paper.
I see him as lonely.
You are the property of my lonely love.
I got a mile from poetry,
Innocent adage went on infamous,
I am not defeated yet God is unbeaten.

Flower tales of innocent love

One night in the dark,
When I saw the flower of love.
The eyebrows fell behind her,
Inadequate desire to fulfill ..
Feelings crushed,
Got to know that the flower of tender love.
By bringing water into the eyes,
Hands to the front ..
No word was in the outcry,
Save the flower of innocent love.
There were unbearable pains in the limbs,
The cloth is crushed by the eyebrows.

No one left
Who will save the fine flower ..
On the diet of lust,
Kill the rioters ..
Woe unto thee, God!
I never gathered this flower of love.
And the miserable life of her,
Has left this world.

Why do you give grief to the family?

Why a false love ..
You give this precious life ..
Those who dress you up like a sore ..
Why do you give your parents grief ..
No love price ..
Why do you care for a peacock?
Love you so much
Why do you give sad sister ..

God gave you life ..
Why lose him in vain ..
No one supports you
Why give you sad brother ..
Don’t miss the rose of love ..
Why do you give your wounds to the skin ..
Even if you have fear in your heart
Why do you give sorrow to friends ..

Thousands of love to give ..
Why destroy this body?
The price is in your blood ..
Why do you give yourself sorrow πŸ₯€πŸ₯€πŸ₯€πŸ₯€
What happened to your pride ..
Useless raised minds love ..
No price rose petals ..
Why give you sad heart ..

My, while playing with emotions

The wind is my words,
Fly today
Hand in hand,
Got along and went ..
To turn red,
Look at the sad feelings ..
The creature now hides,
Looking at the moonlight ..

Not visible,
Sadly my footsteps ..
I see you always,
My tears when giving it ..
Remember you,
There are bites on the limbs ..
By getting to the pain,
Sadness gains edge ..
Nayani tightens the drops,
Playing with emotions ..
All the pleasures came,
While dragging

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