We make you stronger in this relationship. ENGLISH SHAYARI LOVE

We make you stronger

I want you more than me,
I have come to know you more than you.
My world has changed since I saw you
The dreams took such a form and you became mine
Come, let’s lay the foundation of a new relationship, we-you
Try yourself once in this path of love.

Since you were in my life,
I see everything is changing.
Now I smell my breath with the scent of your love,
Whenever I see the mirror in front of you.
Come, now we will become one for a lifetime,
We make you stronger in this relationship.

People don’t mind for those who go

Even if they leave hands, they do not leave the relationship
Moments do not break time
Do not add pieces of such picture
Let what flows from lug’s soul
Never turn to such a river
Even after waking up, the tears fall from the eyes
In this way do not let the eyes burst
Honey makes little living
People don’t mind for those who go
Hit the head with the help of a voice
Crispy walls do not boil



I have a dream now

One of my dreams still haunts me every word,
Every night, every moment just reminds you!
Sea your memories and Image your
Sometimes comes closer, sometimes runs away!


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When I get up, I am asked where I go
The one who sits next smiles a little on him !!
If I cry, then why do you cry crazy
The one who keeps me on my head, I am happy with my hands!
I know that I have no emphasis on that dream,
Whenever comes, it wakes me up!
The Muslim passes all night in this passion!
Neither he feels relaxed nor I feel relaxed!
God knows what is written in this fate
You still smile, you still hum!

When can we travel

When can we travel
This is not something to be loved
He has the right to live in this era
Look here and go there
Flying in the open air
If the bird turns into a branch
I want a million but i can’t
That your face be
What difference does he have to make of having no miracles
Find someone who is short-sighted
Think morning loneliness
Let it be overnight

Her grief

Knowing her grief
Were when separated
To her sad mind
She was the one who recovered
Her eyes widened
Laughter was forgotten
Sadness in the dry eye
No one appeared
All that close
Strangers flocked to her
To her sad mind
She was the one who recovered
She is sad
Not brought to the lips
With a smile on his face
The pain hid deep
All the expressions on the face
Was she erased
To her sad mind

She was the one who recovered
With those old memories
The eyes were filled
Tears that do not flow
was in the eye
She with heavy eyes
Slowly calmed down
To her sad mind
She was the one who recovered
Broken beautiful dream
The mind was not forgotten
Collapsed life
She stood up patiently
Knowing her grief
Sat close to her
Her flowing tears
Then no she

My first Love

The mind at the moment of seeing
Fell in love with the pain
You tell me
What did i do wrong
Mind at a young age
When the flowers bloomed
The pain of pain then
I felt it for the first time
My heart beats with love
Slowly put her to sleep
You tell me
What did i do wrong
Innocent to that pain
I saw what was happening in my heart
Sad to see her

The beggar was devastated
To the pain of seeing
I got the house
You tell me
What did i do wrong
How painful in the past
Just be wet inside
Now Decorate

Descending emotions
My and the pain
Love is matched
You tell me
What did i do wrong
I’m in pain
I couldn’t stand it
Now, however, I am her
Applause forever
Some, however
Nose twisted for no reason
You tell me
What did i do wrong
Now ever the pain is new
Where I see
My mind looking at her
Laughs showing identity
Pain to pain
That’s when you know
You tell me
What’s wrong with me?

Sometimes life feels bad

Sometimes it has to be taken
It’s all because of no fault
And when not avoidable
It hit the mind
Never hide grief
It takes a lot of laughter
But when he laughed out loud
Why be deceived by those eyes?
Ever feel beautiful life
Would mean something
Then why ever think
Is it all in vain?
When do you think Bharari?
High in the sky

Why ever comes in the dark
Bright in that light?
Sometimes it feels
Sit still
And why ever in solitude
Should I be sad?
Sometimes it feels
I am able

Why does it ever happen
So the unexpected disaster?
Year after year
Go immediately
And sometimes the day gets heavier
And the night comes filling up
Sometimes it feels like
This is a deceptive game
Leaving to have to go abruptly
Pass this done

The wait for matching love was different

Matching share
Suddenly there were turns
The share of deceptive love
I found out late
To my gentle mind
You were giving
I found out later
Pink was the danger
How are you

Those words of understanding
It became like charcoal
Though the mind was matched
No looks matched
I do not know
How the share turned out
You told me
No it’s your fault
Don’t keep it up
Anger at me

When you speak
You stumbled a little
I remember
There was a bit of wandering
Yours sincerely
The eyelids were wet
I do not know
How the share turned out
That limit of the mind
Even if you obey
Your eyes on me
Where did you avoid
I do not know

How did you change
Feeling guilty
You kept missing me
The steps were not to blame
Though the shares were turned
Separated share
Never got it again

Tired of waiting for you

To welcome you
The directions were all colorful
Wait to see you
My eyelids are tired
The bright sun on the horizon
Gone now Adoshala
He casts a shadow over you
Beautiful pavilion erected
The chirping sparrows in mind
Came closer and sat down
Wait for you
The eyelids played with me
Waiting for you now
The sun bored him
His and mine
Patience has now waned
Of blossoming love
All the shares were blackened
Wait for you
My eyelids twitched

I stopped for you
To that waning moon
He took this stop
Along with dim light
Those twinkling moons
The curves began to show
Wait to see you
The eyelids bowed to me
We sat looking around
That moon of Venus
The moon is tired
The poor man went to sleep
Now the rest of me
All hope is dark
Wait to see you now
My eyelids got wet.

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