Heart Broken Love Shayari each & every lovers part 2

❣️We do not know how to love❣️
That’s why we lost the game of ❣️❣️love.❣️❣️
❣️He loved our life.❣️
Maybe that’s why they killed us ❤️❤️❤️💘💘alive!
❤️❤️❤️💘💘Heart Broken Love Shayari

Heart touching Shayari
Heart Broken Love Shayari

Heart should be liver,
Must have skill to love
There is no love on sight
There should be an impact beyond the eyesight.

Heart after finding you in lakhs
The agreement is lost.
The more I stop myself.
You fall in love

Did not know to oblige us,
Don’t know how to love,❣️
There were no two moments for anyone,
Don’t know how to wait to learn ❣️Heart Broken Love Shayari

Why are we separated from each other?❣️
Have become strong with the fate of destiny.❣️
This is how complicated the roads are.❣️
Dreams of life have shattered.

I think of you many times.
I see you many times.
It is not possible to stop your wish.
I find you many times for the last time.

Not every person’s story gets a name.
Not every intention gets any result.
Magars live in stagnant memories,
The goal of getting to the destination is not available.

How long will my patience last?
Fought with memories every time.
It is a period of powerlessness, still prevails today.
The lines of pain are my handcuffs.

Whenever the evening of my sorrow comes.
Memories are represented all over.
The installments of wishes swell in sight.
The wave of dreams comes unbridled.

Every happiness in your desire is misguided.
Life is destroyed in your separation.
How do I delete your photo?
Your memory has become a crime.

Heart Broken Love Shayari

You are far away and keep in sight.
You live in a mind even while away.
Now memories have become my life.
You live in a wave of breath.

The era of Enjoy is not today.
Now there is no way of hobby in life.
Vassal’s nights are seen in pieces.
Now there is no enthusiasm in blood.

Your visit is missing.
Soaked night, I miss it.
I am lost again, in your memories.
❣️❣️❣️Missing rain
❣️❣️❣️❣️Heart Broken Love Shayari

“Hide” me in your lovely eyes.
Love is from you “steal” me.
Will you be sunken or will walk with you,
If you are not sure, try me,
We will bear your every grief by laughing.
Make me a “sheet” of your promises,
I have also given my life to you.
Just take me a few moments from the “chest”.

Heart Broken Love Shayari for Life

Listen to life.
Now, give it a try.
How long will I keep trying like this?
Will listen sometime.
Anything or all of me.
Age will only be narrated on its own.
At some time.
Give me happiness too.
Or else you will keep crying like this.
Leave it sometime.
When did I talk to me
The exhibition will continue to market Surrey.
At some time.
Give injuries to me for how long
Just like this, she will continue to make canker.

Heart Broken Love Shayari for Life

Give me something.
When to do my good
Till then I will continue to criticize you.
Sometimes fill it.
When did I get in the fire
You will keep harassing yourself by distancing yourself.
Suppose the floor.
My croc is still far away
How long will you keep wandering in this way.
Kiss me sometime
When do I fix my forehead
Day and night will continue to be unnecessarily thirsty.
Just for yourself
Let others live in the name of others.
How long will the plank hang.
In the moonlight of the moon.
Let it get wet like hot sand.

Those moments of being lost

I want to live.
Those moments of being lost.
Never mind, that is the mind.

Take your hand in your hand.
The river has to go.
The wind blows with you.
Cohabitation is important.

New cinema talkie.
Want to see the first show?
Didn’t get a ticket though.
Black wants to take it.

Coming slowly from the office.
You are going to bring a flower braid.
Slowly stealing into my hair.
You are going to wear yourself

Lost those moments.
Want to live again.
At this point in life.
Just want to be with you

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