Heart Broken style for each & every sad lover πŸ˜­πŸ’ƒπŸšΆ

his love affair,
What a strange sequence
Didn’t even make my own and,
Didn’t even let anyone happen. !
they used to say we
smile is very nice
He was telling the truth.
That’s why..
He is not us with you
But took away our smile.

Heart touching lines

to cry someone
is not found,
to lose someone
is not forgotten
time to all
get life
to change
but passed
time ever brought
Doesn’t go

don’t dream that
who breaks
don’t hold that hand
who leaves,
don’t let anyone
close enough
away from him
man angry with himself

want to get new
I get old,
follow you then me
the world fades
love read write
I am very easy
but to love
I get sweating.

you don’t get upset my darling
it’s not a good thing
on your sweet nose
it doesn’t get angry

you know how much i love you
to keep you close
I try my best
you still
get upset over small things
tell me why do you bother me so much
you know i can’t live without you
you take advantage of this
but it’s true
i can’t live without you
because when you cry
i get sad
If in sadness you don’t eat anything

so i don’t even eat food
my happiness depends on your happiness
to be honest
my life resides only in you
to persuade you
i can do anything
to be close to you
i can fight the world
just can’t afford to lose you
This is my weakness
your presence in my life
is a must

come on sorry
i’m wrong and you’re right
just don’t make me angry my darling
it’s not a good thing
just don’t make me angry my darling
That’s not a good thing….? but one Thing for Lifetime…

were we wrong

yes i am wrong
but you’re not either
It was my decision to part ways
But you didn’t even stop
maybe you were also waiting for this moment
maybe you had another friend in your heart
when i looked in your eyes
There was love for someone else in those eyes
that’s why,
you after our separation
You have become in your life in lentils
as if i didn’t exist
Till yesterday, when you were upset, you did not eat food
today you don’t care he is alive or not
Till yesterday you used to call me the source of your happiness
So how do you stay happy in her arms today?
I understand now
That person was dear to me, wasn’t it?
was fighting because you weren’t
You had to go to him, didn’t you?

your my difference

i wish i could meet you everyday
see you everyday
hold your hand
sit comfortably for a while
i wish i could look into your eyes
I could hold you in my arms
seeing you everyday
can admire your outfit
I wish we could eat ice cream together
or go somewhere together
I wish we too have some happy moments
spending time together
because it’s too hard
even though i love you so much
not seeing you everyday
not seeing you everyday
I comfort my heart by thinking of this
that not everyone can love like this
meet one even when you’re away
to trust another
understand each other’s condition without speaking
love each other
But maybe now the Lord is not ours
it’s okay to meet

Thank You for me….?

i want to say thank you
for everything about you
for every moment
what you spent with me
who comes after hearing your name
for every word
what i write for you
for every tear
Who comes out of my eyes in your memory
I become happy for everything that I do
For the memory with which I am living
and maybe i will live
thank you for making me a good person
to tell me the meaning of love
thanks for introducing me to myself
I don’t know why you left what happened?
what did i do wrong?
And is there a solution to this mistake or not?
But maybe you’re happy??
without the person who yearns for you

Without the person whose taking your smile used to make the morning
And with your little laugh, whose evening used to fall

you are happy??
Without the person who loves you unconditionally
And if you’re happy I’m happy too
so what happenedwho doesn’t have a smile on my face
that i wake up alone at nights
So what happened, now these tears fall on your picture
but i’m happy because you’re happy
I have lost my love for this world
and maybe you
There’s no hope of your coming now
still i want to say
that i love you unconditionally
because i know you
And no one can do such love at all
because you won’t let it
I know

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