My Attitude Shayari lines for each & every lovers.

Smiling life as a flower,
Smiling and forgetting life,
What happens if someone is happy after winning
Celebrating happiness after losing is also life.

This is what makes you anxious,
Why do you keep a secret in your heart
Let me know if you love us only,
Why don’t you express love to us

No one loves us, there is no such love
No one gets to live with life
Heart is in love to love someone
But no one gets such a hearty love for us for life!

It is good to shatter my breath
It is good if you take the soul away from my body
One night, sleep with your head in your lap
If there is no morning in the night, it is good.

People say
  When one goes away
  Life is not incomplete,
  But with the addition of millions
  The lack of that one is not complete.

It will be dark somewhere and evening
My happiness will be your name
If you ever ask, see us
Laughs on lips and lives on palm.

If you say reality then they feel a dream.
Complain makes them feel funny.
How many times do we remember him
And one is that. Those who think all this coincide.

Can’t tell how much pain is there, cannot show so many wounds, now understand this pain with eyes, tears have fallen so much that it cannot be counted.

Did not understand the matter of the heart, the world gave pain without thinking, we secretly gave every pain that has endured, and we have called it a stone heart.

What to write about your wafa
You speak loudly due to infidelity.
Every day you ate my false vows
Your heart was not there in your power
Even today, you find eyes.

My Attitude Shayari lines

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