My past and Present generation think, Comparison👳🎅

Even today, the floor is still waiting for my village
I remember that simple naive man from my village

Natural air was moving from house to house at that time
The man was running with affection to help everyone

The village was happy even though it was not the age of mobile
Everyone was understanding each other’s joys and sorrows

mother  was whispering in the house
boys were calling with affection

There used to be a permanent presence in everyone’s home
How are you, Sagar, people used to wipe with affection

Dinkar was celebrating Eid at Salim’s house
Salim was also celebrating Diwali at Dinkar’s house

At that time, no one knew about caste and religion
But then the man seemed to be playing with the man

Mother Was Whispering In The House
Boys Were Calling With Affection

All the people used to play in the man
The neighbor’s aunt used to laugh when she called out

Times have changed, man does not know man
Even if he goes closer, Dinkar does not show his identity

Relative’s also became silent while talking
Save the number, even in the phone, but the whole conversation stalled

Joe is now busy taking selfies on his mobile
He spent the day in Inta, WhatsApp, Facebook chats

They were all strangers, they were strangers
The smile on his face became a moment

Daughter of the houseLakshmi(it’s look like gOD)

I would like to mention one thing here. We see that girls are not inferior to anything today. Why do people get so angry with girls even in education and jobs .. I don’t want to say everything like that

But what is said that the girl was born is what Carty was born. The tribe wanted a lamp.
What is the sin of girls not wanting a girl?
People who have children think that God should have given them at least one daughter. Because girls love their parents more. It is the same with children.
But what the mother wants to say to the girls, she can’t say to the boys.
And when girls are born, they get angry …
Nowadays they also do abortion. And I would say that it is a matter of pride for those who have girls to be good girls, even if they are good girls. Girls learn and work, they stand on their own feet.

What is the importance of Kanya Dana in a girl’s marriage? How virtuous are the parents who get to donate daughters
And one thing everyone should remember is whether it is a woman or a man
If your mother was also a woman, would you have been born without her?

Daughter of the houseLakshmi(it’s look like gOD)

But no one thinks that.
The experience I have seen in one place tells of a normal family. A couple had their first daughter and the second time they were hoping to have a son. But luckily the second time they had a daughter.
The woman was delivered to the hospital but her husband did not even see her face. And the mother-in-law told the straight boy that he didn’t want to bring your wife home.

What will the woman do in such a situation? Maher’s condition is so bad that the doctor kept her in the hospital for ten days and gave her support in the women’s ashram at his own expense.

I don’t know how people can go to such a low level
Sometimes there is annoyance. There are people in the society with so many bad thoughts

And when the boys show the way to the old age home, they remember the girl.
But by then, time is gone.
So the only thing I want to say here is whether it is a boy or a girl
Don’t discriminate .. It is not in anyone’s hands to have a son or a daughter .. So accept it happily no matter what happens.

As the son is the ancestor of the clan. The same girl is also the daughter-in-law of the house .. She is constantly teasing and Lakshmi (like god) She should always respect her then … This is my heartfelt request ….

Brothers and sisters in Diwali

Of happiness and sorrow
They are both partners
Of parents
Live in companionship
Spring of love
Not between the two
Any expectations
It’s just
Moisture of Maya
Those days of poverty
Attahas did not
Brother and sister
That unconditional love
No envy
Sister wants
Brother support
Like Mom and Dad
Maya aghaar
Every moment of life
Cohabitation of the two
Sister brother
That single base
The only demand of the Lord
Permanent deposit of both
The companionship of love
We don’t want anything
Just air
Brother and sister
Intact base

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