Heartbroken shayari143 for each sad lovers and poem

Just missed it

The first dream with you was broken, broken
The bus coming to your town is missing.
Ok you are good I bad
Nowadays I live tight,
Oh, you’ve reached the limit of madness.
With broken carpet in hand,
Why my happiness leads to pain, broken
My thirst for love faded.
I cherish your name daily,
Why did you cut off by talking sweet,
Oh, no lie you are not ashamed.
In love, you should think carefully,
You won’t meet me as I dare,
You followed me.

How is he

How do you break your mind,
It’s like you’re leaving.
Slowly I began to drink your pain,
I began to sing alone,
Your love is the fat of the unloved.
Nothing keeps you alive,
In the dream of whom do you begin to die,
Oh my gosh, my life is crazy.
As crazy as I turn around,
Your eyes are glued to your face,
Ever cut, I have nerves in my hands.
God bless you at your doorstep,
Confluence will no longer be a loss of love,
You fall in love with the rabbit that wins the race.

I miss your friendship

On your friendship
How much was written on your friendship?
Although it seems lacking,
All I have today,
Something sounds pretty neat though.
The moment of your friendship,
It starts to feel like air again,
Today, my heart is in the sky,
In it the clouds of your eighth begin to thicken.
The shadow of your friendship,
Life was like this,
In my life,
It was because of you.
Memories of your friendship,
I still maintain,
In order not to lose those happy moments,
Hides in the coffin.
Grandson of friendship with you,
I will never be with you,
Did you ever stumble
Then the eyelid shall be mine.
My mind crazy
Once again, we look for those moments,
Un Words From My Poetry,
They seek your friendship.

You are very special

You’re so different,
When you find yourself with your eyes closed,
Then you know,
You are very special
Life is a journey that you must take to get what you want.
Then sometimes on the journey,
Sometimes mountains,
Ever the storm,
So sometimes there is a desert.
Sometimes wool,
So sometimes there is a torrential downpour.
When your carpet,
So sometimes there is an army of thorns.
But the eyes will be on the target,
So travel is a pleasure.
You look forward to countless goals,
When you find yourself with your eyes closed.
Then you know,
You are very special.
Pain has its own significance.
Only if they endure it,
You exist
But if you give up,
But defeat is the dominion.
At each stage of the journey,
Good luck sometimes
So sometimes a curse.
If you ignore it,
You have so much control of your dreams.
Don’t be afraid of anything,
You have a great adventure.
If you find yourself with eyes wide open,
You are very special.

Heart rending

Heart started beating again and again,
I wish you had my heart somewhere.
Without looking, don’t blink,
I am thirsty, get my glimpse
I remember you, I am sick
My heart becomes my loafers
Who is your friend without support,
I am helpless to meet you.
Do not let my stars fall in the dark,
From the edge of my love,
I am desperate to get you
Now how to live alone, together
Together, tease of love,
You think of connecting with me.however,however…

What are those

There is something in them,
Then people become theirs.
Of my own love,
To express,
With the rose flower,
They come forward again and again.
Even if you cannot speak,
But rose your point,
Visually understand
And your desire,
Let them show.
These hearts too,
Something like this.
Which again and again,
Calls in bangles.
And says that now,
Have come to get you from the heart.
Never afraid.
Who is afraid of freezing,
They cannot love.
Look at history, love
Anarkali and Salim will be seen.
Will he tell if he is in love?
Anarkali (girlname), for the sake of love
Life is chosen.
And the story of love,
Is kept alive forever.
Because love does not see,
To the king and the runk.
It is played with the heart,
The bus is played from the heart.

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